Hi, I am Nicole!

If you knew me in middle school, you know that I carried not one, but two, point and shoot digital cameras in my Vera Bradley bag (that I color coordinated with my braces, of course!)

Photography has been important to me for as long as I can remember, but it wasn't until a season in my life that forced me to be in front of the camera more times than I can count that I decided I wanted to make others feel spectacular from behind the lens.

I am a licensed dietitian, lactation consultant, diabetes educator and certified birth and postpartum doula. Through this work, I know that all bodies are beautiful & resilient in their own way. I love being a healthcare worker, but photography has been the creative outlet I have been looking for.

I live in rural Alaska with my husband, David, and our two cats Edgar & Iris. We enjoy traveling, making cocktails & trying new recipes in the kitchen, and video chatting with our parents.

photo by Hillary Lacy Photography